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Our Services

We have a depth and breadth of technical expertise developed over many years that spans all aspects of the door hardware business.

Our Consultants are nothing short of subject experts and offer exceptional service and advice. They have worked with many influential Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and Builders on award-winning projects.

Our ability to deliver a more rewarding architectural hardware experience is evidenced by such landmark projects, and some of our longest-standing clients of over 10 years.



Design advice

Design advice


Whether your design is based on a broad theme or highly developed ideas, we can help bring it to life with the perfect door furniture.

Our team of expert consultants includes highly experienced, qualified Interior Designers.  They can ensure that each and every door handle and all other accessories complement the overall aesthetic of your architecture and interior design.

Drawing on our significant experience of working with some of the world’s most influential Architects, Interior Designers, Builders and Developers on showcase projects, we can provide expert advice on finishes, color schemes and complementary themes that can be carried throughout your project.

Door hardware to uniquely suit your project

If you would like something to more uniquely suit your needs, we can especially develop a custom product and make it for you.

We can remodel or modify existing designs, apply special finishes or design something entirely unique via our step by step design process.

Door Scheduling

Door Scheduling

Scheduling makes door furniture installation easy

Our complimentary doorware scheduling service can save you time and money with thorough planning. Our technical expertise will ensure your project meets the Building Codes of the United States and their Fire Rating Standards, and that access requirements are correctly scheduled to suit your project's needs.

Building code for USA -  https://www.buildingsguide.com/blog/resources-building-codes-state/

Just provide us with your floor plans and we'll prepare a detailed doorware schedule indicating where all the doors, door handles, escutcheons, locks, hinges, and other door hardware accessories are assigned in your new project. You can forward the schedule to your Tradesmen for ease of installation and the smooth completion of your project.

Address all your door hardware costing and security needs

As well as assisting with planning the right security, access control and keying systems,  this schedule can also form the basis for Value Engineering cost improvement and the estimation process to deliver the best value solution for your project. It means you don't have to revisit a project once the door hardware schedule has been drafted and assures maximum safety and peace of mind.

Call us on +877 751 1411 or email us and talk to our friendly, specialist consultants about creating your complimentary door hardware schedule.

Finishing care

Finishing care

Perfectly matched finishes will give your interior design an extra special edge

Choosing a seamless finishing effect is critical to successfully bringing your interior design to life. We know first-hand, how even the smallest touch of color and texture can give your project an extra seamless design aesthetic and sense of unity.

Our Design Consultants can advise you on the finishes that will offer the best aesthetic and functional value for the application you've selected in consideration of the substrate, environment and usage scenarios. For example, if Polished Brass is required for commercial applications, we suggest using it without lacquer so it retains a new look when cleaned regularly.

Wide range of finishing options

We offer an extensive range of high quality finishing options, starting with standard finishes such as Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Stainless Steel and Satin Stainless Steel, ranging through to an impressive collection of special finishes to give your project that extra special touch.

You can also match any interior design theme with an array of Powder Coated Colors and textures from quality paint brands such as Dulux, Interpon and Jotun. Just choose your preferred color and let us know when requesting a quote.

Call +877 751 1411 or email us to talk with our friendly, specialist consultants to find out how we can help you with expert design and finishing advice.

Product Training

Product Training


This course will focus on specifying the right door hardware. Attendees will learn the proper questions to ask while gaining knowledge of its functions. Security is more important than ever and attendees will learn about door hardware and its safety and security measures it can bring to its users. Attendees will see different aesthetics of door hardware to incorporate into their projects. Finally, attendees will learn about ADA compliant door hardware for the ultimate safety of its users. 

Earn CEU point (6 points for architects and 12 points for designers) and request your next CEU event here: https://www.ceuevents.com/designer_doorware
Does your team need to know more to increase their effectiveness?

Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Developers and Distributors have all gained valuable know-how via our Product Training Program, whether requiring a very basic introduction to door hardware and its application or a deeper understanding of product design and development.
Our induction has been tremendously successful for helping professionals to better understand the use and application of door hardware and security access devices with training that covers:
•    Architectural hardware manufacturing
•    Locksmithing
•    Security devices and access control resources
•    Best-shore supply management
•    Dedicated design
•    Product research and development

We are a unique, specialist organization with in-depth expertise in all things door hardware and access control. Our expansive resources cover all aspects of doorware design and manufacture, locking technology, access control and security, as well as retail showrooms. 

Check out our support page for more information about the installation instructions.

Be assured that your door hardware is properly installed with optimum accuracy

Developers and Builders can ensure their door hardware is installed to deliver the intended, long-term benefits with our comprehensive Installation Induction service. A detailed induction and installation simulation ensures unfamiliar contractors can avoid any pitfalls and peculiarities when installing architectural door hardware for best performance.

Making the installation of door hardware convenient for you

Our technical staff can visit you on-site and run through detailed product training, followed by an installation simulation to demonstrate the most efficient way to install our products. The service allows builders to finish projects quickly and properly, and ensures your new door hardware is installed correctly. A complete job walk-through can also be arranged. Call our friendly, specialist consultants on +877 751 1411 or email us to discuss your requirements and organize a training session for you and your team.

Product Supply

Product Supply

Supplying your new door hardware in an organized and secure manner

At Designer Doorware, we take great care in supplying and packing your order so that potentially expensive mix-ups, delays and risks are avoided, making sure a smooth and fast completion of larger projects in the most cost-effective way.

Streamlining door handle installation saves time and money

Working with you at the specification stage, we know on which door, in which room, each of our doorknobs and handles is to be installed. We pack your door hardware in such a way that it’s pre-allocated to the correct section, floor and door of the project upon delivery. This reduces unraveling and organization time, ensuring faster project completion, and that any discrepancies can be dealt with efficiently at the time of delivery.

Managing your door hardware deliveries with the utmost of care

Storing door hardware onsite can be risky, exposing Builders and Home Owners to the risk of theft and breakage. Why take that risk when you have a better option?

Using our specialized systems and procedures, we have the capability to manage the supply process from the first shipping to the last. We can manage a staged door pack shipping or part shipping of products during various stages of construction, including door-by-door, by floor, and/or by unit - whatever works best for your project!

With our expertise, you can be assured that your deliveries will be made with maximum efficiency and security. Generally, our products are available to be shipped between 2 days and 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the order. As an example: if your order is a stock item, it will be shipped in 2 days. If it is a customized product, it will take longer than 2 days. 

All orders are shipped free Interstore via Fedex international service generally 3 business days turn around and express service is also available. Call our friendly, specialist consultants on +877 751 1411 or email us to find out how we can help you with our Door Packing and Supply Management services.

Project Consulting

Project Consulting

Ensure your Architectural Hardware project is completed seamlessly

Designing and installing architectural hardware products can be very complex. It’s not as simple as just ordering some door handles, hinges and locks. Getting it right can be a complicated process.
•    Do you need Fire-Rated products?
•    How do you specify the most suitable privacy mechanism for your bathroom door hardware?
•    How do you set the right height for your door handles?

Expertise going all the way to security and access control

There are many considerations around how to secure your building or home for peace of mind:
•    What kind of locking mechanisms and access control devices do you need?
•    What access rights do you need?
•    Do you need a master key for multiple properties or to avoid carrying a multitude of keys?
•    Do you need a restricted key system to manage varied levels of security access with the same key?

Our experienced consultants can meet with you to discuss all of your architectural hardware and security needs. They will provide advice on aspects you may not have considered, and design the most cost effective solution to suit your needs.

Professional, specialist know-how to make access control easy and save you time

We can offer guidance across a wide range of architectural hardware related issues such as:
•    A variety of renovation options to retrofit older doors with newer door knobs and handles inside the existing holes
•    Door handles for restricted access areas such as pool and spa enclosures
•    Garage-to-indoor door handles and locks
•    Self-closing Fire Rated door products
•    Internal privacy - door handles and privacy devices for swinging or sliding doors
•    Magnetic door stops and the situations to which they are most suited
•    Locking mechanisms and access control design
•    Keying requirements such as a master keys or rekeying new locks to existing keys

Call us +877 751 1411 or email us to find out how we can help you to get the right solution to suit your project needs and budget.

Project Management

Project Management

A complete solution to make the acquisition of door hardware easy

Bringing your architectural hardware together is what we do best. Some of the many and varied factors we take into account are:


  • Building Code of United States
  • Fire Rating Standards of United States and other countries
  • Product design, selection, application and access control
  • Door scheduling, doorware packing and the staging of deliveries
  • On-site installation training

Addressing any pre-installation issues is all part of the service to meet our client’s exacting requirements.

Keeping your project on track to successful completion

We understand that our clients are working to tight deadlines and budgets, and that variables like weather and on-site access can present issues that may impact timing and cost.

With a high awareness of these factors, we manage our client contracts with the utmost of care and attention to detail. We work closely with Building Project Managers, Site Foremen and Tradesmen. We encourage regular, open communication, closely monitoring and managing projects to ensure your door hardware project is delivered to expectation.

Our work on high profile projects with renowned architects and designers shows we can make the acquisition of architectural hardware a successful and rewarding all-round experience. Call our friendly, specialist consultants on +877 751 1411 or email us to find out how we can make door hardware project management easy.