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How can I find out the stock availability of a product?

The fastest means of making a stock availability enquiry is by calling one of our Customer Service representatives on +613 9300 8888, Monday – Friday, between 8.30am and 5.00pm AEST. Alternatively, you can email CustomerService@designerdoorware.com.au. Please provide a description or product code for the item you’re seeking information on, including quantity and finish

Where are your products made?

All products are designed in Australia and most of our products are manufactured in our Melbourne factory. Some heavy forging and casting are mainly done off shore in various countries, but all products are assembled, plated and polished in Australia to ensure we deliver quality product and offer you 100% satisfaction. 

How can I get product samples?

Product samples can be ordered by calling our Sales team on +61 3 9300 8888 or by submitting an order request via email to sales@designerdoorware.com.au 

What are your door handle levers made from?

Depending on the product, your handles will typically be made from brass, stainless steel or timber.

The majority of Designer Doorware handles are made from brass. As a material, it provides the greatest custom design capabilities. It’s surface properties also allow brass handles to be finished in a wide variety of Special Finishes too. 

Stainless steel products come in one of two available grades – 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. Both varieties are highly resistant to wear and tear. However, 316 stainless steel is classed as a Marine Grade steel to make it very corrosion-resistant. 

Generally, our timber products are made from Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak and sourced from AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) timber. A number of other timber species such as Spotted Gum are available upon request by sending us an email to sales@designerdoorware.com.au 

How do I determine my door lever handing?

For Australian fittings, if you are standing on the inside of the door and the door handle is to be fitted on the right-hand-side, then a ‘right hand internal’ door handle is required. If it is on the left, then a ‘left hand internal’ door handle is required. Either of these will dictate that the other half of the door handle set is an external handle on the opposite side. See next question for further clarification of Designer Doorware’s door lever on plate handing.

How do I determine my door lever-on-plate handing?

For Australian fittings, if you are standing on the inside of the door and the door handle is to be fitted on the right hand side, then a 'right hand internal' door handle and plate is required and must be coupled with a 'left hand external' door handele and plate, as per the diagram below.

If you are standing on the inside of the door and the door handle to be fitted is on the left, then a 'left hand internal' door handle and plate is required, along with a 'right hand external' door handle and plate.

What type of door can I install my door handle levers on?

Our door handle levers can be fitted to any sliding or pivot doors, cupboards or gates made out of various materials including aluminum, steel, wood, semi- solid, solid and hollow core doors. On some aluminum doors and frames, we will need to modify the lever so that it does not interfere with the aluminum frame, as the backset may be very narrow. This will avoid the handle hitting the frame as the door opens.

Where can I find product pricing?

For product pricing, please use our online selection tool and request a quote online.  Alternatively, please speak directly with a Designer Doorware sales representative on +613 9300 8888 or email sales@designerdoorware.com.au.

Can I get a trade discount?

Depending on your project’s scale, product type specified and product availability, we may be able to offer customers a trade discount on the cost of their order.

Custom Design

How can I create a custom designed product?

We begin our custom designs with your ideas and follow an easy step-by-step process. See our Custom Products and Step-by-Step Custom Design pages for more details. Or to begin, simply download our Custom Design Briefing Form.

How long will it take to manufacture?

Most custom designs will take 20 working days from approval of design.


What finishes do you offer?

Our standard finishes include:

We also offer a wide range of special finishes shown below:

You can also choose any colour from the highest quality powder coat colour finishes by Dulux, Interpon or Jotun.

For more information and advice see Special Finishes, or or go to our online Product Catalogue and start selecting your door hardware.  For each product where relevant, you'll be offered a range of finishing options as you make step-by-step product selections

What is the difference between Standard and Special Finishes?

Here’s a full breakdown of our Standard and Special Finishes:

Our Special Finishes include a greater variety of colour options and textures for you to choose from – offering the ability to create a unique look for your project. Special Finish orders can require more effort and time to complete but the end results allow you to stamp a signature look on your doorware . 

What timber stains do you offer?

All our timber products are available in a choice of raw or five specially selected exterior/interior wood stains (Oil, Oak, Teak, Walnut and Charcoal). Please see below for the complete swatches:

How do I select my preferred colour for a Powder Coated Colour finish?

You can choose your preferred Powder Coated Colour from any one of our three colour suppliers – Dulux, Jotun or Interpon. Visit their websites to browse available colours and then get in touch with a Designer Doorware representative to request colour samples for any colour you wish. To specify your final colour selection or for further expertise on choosing your preferred colour, please contact us on +613 9300 8888 or email sales@designerdoorware.com.au 

What are the most popular Designer Doorware finishes?

Currently, some of our most popular finishes include: 

•    Satin Brass (SBU)
•    Satin Black Chrome (SBC)
•    Satin Nickel (SN)
•    Electro Black Ace (BKA)

How can I select a powder coat finish and what powder coat finishes are available?

We use the highest quality powder coat colour finishes from Dulux, Interpon or Jotun.  Visit their websites to browse available colours and request colour samples for any colour you wish.

To discuss your selections with us and for further help and advice call our friendly, specialist consultants on +613 9300 8888 or email us.

Fire Rating

Fire and Disability rated products – do you supply them?

Yes, we have a wide variety of Fire and Disability rated products.

On the Designer Doorware website, look out for the following symbols once you’ve selected a product. 

See Below for how these symbols feature on the Designer Doorware website to indicate the Fire or Disability rating that a product is compliant with:

For more information on these ratings, please visit http://www.designerdoorware.com.au/disability-discriminaton-act-daa

Are your door handle levers Australian fire rated?

Yes, all our brass and stainless levers are fire rated to AS4145.2

Are your door closers approved for Australian fire doors?

Yes, all our door closers are to Australian Standard AS4145.2

Do your locks come with an Australian fire rating?

Yes, our ML and NS series are fire rated to AS4145.2

Can I get a fire certificate for my product?

Yes, please email us for the certificate that you require. For more information see the Expert Advice/Fire Ratings.