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What are your environmental objectives?

We’re committed to minimising our overall footprint by:

•    Conserving energy and water
•    Minimising, and where possible, eliminating harmful substances
•    Ensure the correct and safe disposal of all substances
•    Minimising waste generation through reduction, reuse and recycling
•    Using high-quality materials to encourage long-lasting products

Is the timber used in your products environmentally friendly?

Generally , our timber products are made from Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak and sourced from AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) timber. Please contact us directly for more information on +61 3 9300 8888.

What do I do once my product has reached the end of its life?

We’re committed to minimising our overall footprint of our products by implementing a Product Stewardship program. We will take back your product, free-of-charge, to be disassembled and examined for the reuse of certain components, or the recycling of the base material, such as brass and stainless steel to be turned into a new product.

In Australia, our Richmond showroom and our Head Office in Sunshine, Victoria as well as Surry Hills Studio in Sydney, New South Wales accepts old Designer Doorware products, including levers, accessories, pull handles, joinery and locks, to be efficiently reused, or sustainably recycled to ensure each product’s footprint is reduced.

Please drop off or send products to:

Designer Doorware – Product Stewardship

431 Church St, Richmond,

Victoria Australia 3121

Designer Doorware – Product Stewardship

5/35 Buckingham St, Surry Hills

New South Wales, Australia 2010

For more information and return details, contact us directly on + 61 3 9300 8888.