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Where can I find the measurements of a product?

Go to the Designer Doorware website and select the product. you will see the product image and the image of the product line drawing. 

Under “Downloads”, click on “Download Line Drawing” to open a line drawing of the product you’ve selected. This drawing will show an elevation and top view of the product chosen, along with overall measurements and important info. 

I can’t find what I want in your catalog – Are custom-made products available?

Yes, our design team can create completely unique, one-off products that are tailored to meet your individual design requirements. So if what you’re after isn’t available straight from our catalog, we can make it for you instead. 

How do I know which products are compatible with each other?

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the aesthetic and technical compatibility of different Designer Doorware products. For assurance purposes, consult with a member of our staff on +61 3 9300 8888 or email to sales@designerdoorware.com.au.

How can I place an order?

Email us with your orders or fax to +613 9310 1866.

How can I check pricing, and where do I find your prices?

Please call us on +613 9300 8888 or email us

What are your payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards, Electronic Funds Transfer, pre-cleared checks or cash.

How can I create a custom designed product?

We begin our custom designs with your ideas and follow an easy step-by-step process. See our Custom Products and Step-by-Step Custom Design pages for more details. Or to begin, simply download our Custom Design Briefing Form.

How long will it take to manufacture?

Most custom designs will take 20 working days from approval of the design. 

Can I organize a sales representative to come and visit me?

Yes, just call us on +613 9300 8888 or email us to arrange a visit.

Care and Maintenance

What’s the best way to clean my doorware products?

Please view Designer Doorware finishing care advice page - http://www.designerdoorware.com.au/finishing-care

Doorware Scheduling

Can I organize a Doorware Schedule to be created off my building plan?

Yes, we can prepare a doorware schedule off your building plan for you. After you send us your plans, at minimum it will take 24 hours to complete. For more detailed information see Doorware Scheduling, or call +613 9300 8888 or email us your plan.

*For file attachments over 10MB in size, please use a large file transfer services such as Aconex or We transfer  (no sign up required).



How long does it normally take?

A standard residential house will take 24-48 hours, while large buildings can be scheduled in about 2 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Doorware scheduling is a complimentary service to our customers.