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Designer Doorware is launching 2 new timber species to increase the quality of our timber products, offering a timeless appeal and long-lasting result. 

American White Oak

Popular for its versatility, distinguishing grain light sapwood with pale to dark brown heartwood. Also known as Northern White Oak/Southern White Oak.

American Black Walnut

Popular for its rich colour, wavy grain and creamy white sapwood with light to dark brown heartwood. Also known as Black Walnut or American Walnut.



The sustainably sourced timber is used for the production of all our timber product range including the Monte Timber Collection and Timber Pull Handles. Benefits of using the new timber species:

• Experience the feel, style and natural beauty of timber at every touch
• Greater focus on sustainability, ensuring that our environmental footprint is reduced
• Reduced maintenance in comparison to timber stained products
• Ideal for commercial and residential applications
• Available in raw or applied with Scandinavian oil

Please note that Designer Doorware has decided to discontinue the Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak timber species along with some of the timber stains (Teak, Oak, Walnut and Charcoal) starting in January 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience. To best serve you, all inquiries or requests of the new timber species should be directed through the normal sales channel or by emailing sales@designerdoorware.com.au