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We are thrilled to announce that our BULL PULL received WINNER accolade in this year's Good Design Australia awards. Thank you to @GoodDesignAus and congratulations to all the other design entries and winners 

A bullishly bold design

“In early 2020, we discovered a gap in the market for an integrated concealed flush pull that looks as if it was manufactured as part of the door itself. In addition, the market lacked easy-to-use door hardware that would allow sliding doors to recess all the way back into the pocket cavity and easily and ergonomically be pulled back out for use. Our goal was to create a one-piece, minimalistic design that would speak to this void while also offering an innovative magnetic privacy function.” Joseph Di Benedetto, Director

Designed by:

Joseph Di Benedetto, Designer Doorware Product Design Studio. Designed and Made in Australia

Good Design Awards Winner - BULL PULL