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The Timber Niki Collection was honoured at the 2020 Interior Design Mag’s Best of Year Awards in the Hardware category.

Designer Doorware’s Timber Niki Collection of hardware brings the organic characteristics of wood indoors, allowing those who interact with it to embrace and connect with nature at every touch. The collection, expanded with Niki knobs, pulls and entry handles, plays up the enduring warmth of wood. The new Niki designs elevate the look of wood into strikingly modern forms.

Elegantly simple, the perfectly round design of Timber Niki mounted on a round rose—which is available in a choice of finishes, blends the natural beauty of wood with clean, circular geometry to add a captivating touch to any door. The warmth of wood further accentuates Timber Niki pull handles and cabinet handles, which come in round or semi-circle versions and are available in flat face or dished design, all creating a beautiful Modernist style statement for any cabinet or entrance door.

The Timber Niki Collection of hardware incorporates American white oak or American black walnut raw hardwoods that can be stained or prepared to complement and coordinate with other wood elements in the space.

Wood finishes have become the go-to material for designers and homeowners to bring a sense of timeless, natural style to their décor. The Timber Niki Collection captures this classic feel with modern shapes combined with clean wood grain for a truly sophisticated look.

Interior Design BOY Awards 2020