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Positioned overlooking the beautiful Botanical Gardens, the Botanical Hotel (nicknamed “The Bot”) has been a Melbourne icon for years. However, the building’s design was tired and required a total refresh. WEBB+ was brought in to revitalise the restaurant and Designer Doorware’s wide range architectural hardware and special finishes offered the perfect, harmonious fit with their vision.

WEBB+ is a leading interior design firm with a focus on gaming, hospitality and leisure. Design excellence is central to WEBB+'s work, and its approach is based on seamlessly integrating the complexity of aesthetics, functionality and commercial viability in every project. The WEBB+ team believes in a collaborative design process and seeks to genuinely understand and share the goals of its clients in order to meet their vision and budget. A specific requirement for Black Chrome finish on high quality door handles led them to Designer Doorware’s extensive range of door furniture.

Project Brief
The owners wanted to create an all-day dining venue that commanded presence, while retaining serious pub credentials. The primary focus was a top quality and inventive dining experience within a pub, and the job required a swift five-month turnaround.

Response to Brief
The tight timeframe for the project meant that WEBB+ had to work with efficient and productive partners to achieve the high level of quality they envisioned in the Botanical’s design. The intention was to create a design that was neither funky nor fashionable, but rather timeless and warm.

In terms of finishes and aesthetics, the approach was simple, using a rich palette of finishes with consistency between areas. Dark timbers are offset by black steel, pressed glass light fittings and pale walls. Warm leather and richer tones create intimacy in the dining room, while the conservatory (Archer Room) is lighter and brighter with an outdoor feel. The rear main bar is sturdy with strong detail and opens onto a bright terrace area in monochromatic tones. Dark oak floors run throughout the areas, unifying the design.

Architectural Door Hardware Solution
The door hardware was required to fit into the classic styling with simple, bold shapes and a robust but elegant design. Specifying  from Designer Doorware before, WEBB+’s Designers knew our wide range of door furniture and special finishes were perfectly suited to this bespoke design.  The use of Black Chrome with its black lustre and mirror effect, gave an opulent, signature finish to complement the overall design.

Door pull handles - round G2010 entrance handles in polished Black Chrome
Sliding doors - Neo blade pulls 5283 and 6283 with cut-out hand grip in polished Black Chrome
Cabinet handles - 2006 cabinet handles and custom-made semi-circle handles in polished Black Chrome
Custom designed push plate with cut-outs for Male/Female bathrooms