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About Us

Our Story

In 1996, Designer Doorware was born out of Joseph Di Benedetto’s vision to provide architect and designers the products they were truly looking for. Since inception, our focus has been on providing high quality innovative designs in hardware with quality at the core of our offerings.

Through years of hard work and lots of late nights, the business saw steady growth, launching into the US market in 2006 and acquiring Matnick Security Services 2015. We have a compelling custom as well as standard offering with our flexible approach to meet our clients’ needs.

Over 20 years on from our modest beginnings, we’ve grown to operate at five sites, with showrooms across Australia and the U.S. Our 50 staff members are our greatest asset, each sharing the same dedication and passion for the industry. They work collaboratively, combining their expert knowledge to achieve innovative solutions that meet industry needs.

As we continue to grow, our dedication to the customer and excellence in design remain the foundation for all our product and service offerings.

Our Values

Our Values


Designer Doorware is founded on the core values of innovation, inspiration and creativity. From our product designers to our engineers, our locksmiths to our sales specialists, each member of our team lives the values of the business, striving for continual improvement. We strive to ensure the constant evolution of our products and we pride ourselves on the way we tailor our service, making it truly personal for each and every one of our customers.

We are dedicated and passionate providers of contemporary architectural hardware and accessories, customizing our offerings to meet current trends. As industry leaders, our work reflects our integrity and provides our customers with a winning edge. Our values are etched into all areas of the business to ensure we remain a respected leader and business of choice, now and into the future.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment


At Designer Doorware we are committed to providing our customers with a superior level of design, craftsmanship and service, ensuring sustainable practices are implemented throughout all areas of the business. We strive to make every customer’s individual vision a reality through our custom-made door hardware.

Combining quality assurance, sustainability and uncompromising attention to detail, we tailor our service to fulfill each customer’s creative vision. We believe that outstanding form and function is a requirement, and that there are no shortcuts to success. Using the latest and most innovative technologies – such as 3D printing – keeps us at the forefront of industry trends and ensures the perfect result for each of our clients.

Our flexible, efficient and deadline-driven approach is underpinned by our dedication to socially responsible sustainability practices. We strive for constant improvement in everything we do – it is our fundamental commitment to our valued customers.


Our Services

Our Services


Our mission is to meet all our clients’ design, supply and service needs, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our holistic end-to-end offering provides professional and impeccable service in the following areas:

We are here to help guide our customers through the process, however big or small the project may be.